The Isis Papers’

by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Here are 7 things you would have learned if you read The Isis Papers:

1. What is racism?

Racism is not an attitude, prejudicial view or even racial hatred.
Racism is whyte supremacy and is a global power system of mass
oppression for whyte genetic survival, in which the majority of the
world’s whyte people participate.

People of color genetically dominate whyte people. Because Black people
have the greatest potential to genetically annihilate whyte people they
are the main target for whyte people’s violence and rage. “That the
initial hostility and aggression came only from whytes is recorded in
innumerable diaries, journals and books written by whites.” Hence,
within the whyte supremacy mind-set, consciously or sub-consciously,
Black males must be destroyed in significant numbers, as one drop of
black blood makes you black. Just one drop! Hence, King Kong, a film in
which a giant black ape plays opposite a whyte female, addresses in
symbolic form the threat of the Black male to whyte genetic survival.
Therefore, King Kong is killed at the end of the film, reflecting the
desire for the death of the Black male.

2. The degradation of sex

Within the whyte supremacy culture sex is viewed as a sin, and there is a
need to being “born again.” There are no accounts of non-whyte peoples, in
their basic religious or philosophical texts, conceiving of themselves as
being born in sin or viewing their genitals as the bases of sin and evil.
The concept of sin, shame and guilt are related to the naked pale body.
The original sin is the act of sex that produced the appearance of nakedness
or the genetic mutation of albinism or white skin.

Hence, there is an unconscious need for the whyte male to return to the black
female, in the fantasy of being “born again”. For example, the black woman
being called a Mammy. However, the whyte male also seek to degrade the Black
female in sexual encounters as he blames the original black mother who gave
birth to them with a genetic deficiency. However, historically, the only way
for whyte men to have sex with a Black woman was to enslave her, and then
defile her womanhood. Although Black people were classified as animals and
inferior beings during the Maafa (slavery) the whyte men had no issue sexually
molesting and assaulting an ‘animal.’

In addition, the extreme rage vented against even the idea of sexual alliance
between the Black male and whyte female, which has long been a dominant theme
in the whyte supremacy culture is as a result of the whyte male’s intense fear
of the Black male’s capacity to fulfil the greatest longing of the whyte female
that of conceiving and birthing a product of color.

3. Projection

“If hate and lack of respect are manifested towards others, hate and lack of
respect are felt most often at deep levels towards the self.”

The system is one of contradiction and psychological projection based on
deception and confusion. Confusion in one’s identity creates self-alienation.
Whyte males, suffering from a deep sense of male inferiority and inadequacy,
masculine self-doubt, fear, anxiety and self alienation have projected their
neuroses onto Black males. While Black males can still maintain a sense of
pride in their sexual potency, they have loss power economically which has
produced fear and anxiety. Whyte males have been able to prevent Black males
from true competition in all areas of activity: economics, entertainment,
labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. Thus, Black men outwardly are
living the inner nightmare or neurotic anxiety of whyte males.

According to Mark Twain, “…Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful but
white is rare. How rare, one may learn by walking down a street in Paris, New
York or London on a weekday — particularly an unfashionable street — and
keeping count of the satisfactory complexions encountered in the course of a
mile. Where dark complexion are massed, they make the whites look bleached out,
unwholesome, sometime frankly ghastly. I could notice as a boy, down South in
the slavery days before the war. The splendid black satin skin of the South
African Zulus of Durban seemed to me to come very close to perfection. I can
see those Zulus yet…handsome and intensely black creatures… The advantage is
with the Zulu, I think. He starts with a beautiful complexion and it will last
him through. And as for the Indian, brown — firm, smooth, blemishless, pleasant
and restful to the eye, afraid of no color, harmonising with all Colors, and
adding grace to them all — I think there is no sort of chance for the average
white complexion against that rich and perfect tint.”

4. Albinism

Pale skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking,
between “white” skin of a Whyte person and the skin of a person designated as an
albino. Cress Welsing theorised that pale-skinned people came into existence
thousands of years ago as albino mutant offsprings of black-skinned mothers and
fathers in Africa. These genetic defective albino offsprings were rejected and had
to live away from the normal black population with the awareness of their rejection
and alienation (as in leper colonies). The whyte tribe eventually migrated northward
to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere and settled
in the area of the world known as Europe. Sexual intercourse between the isolated
albino mutants produced a whyte race.

According to the 19th century German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer:

“…the white colour of skin is not natural to man, but that by nature he has a black
or brown skin, like our forefathers the Hindus; that consequently a white man has
never originally sprung from the womb of nature, and that thus there is no such
thing as a white race, as much as this is talked of, but every white man is a faded
or bleached one.”

5. Penis Envy

Penis envy in the whyte supremacy culture, began with the whyte male’s envy of the
genetic power residing in the Black male’s testicles and phallus. Whyte envy of the
black phallus is addressed unconsciously when whytes constantly concerns themselves
with the comparative size of the black phallus versus the size of the whyte phallus.
This help to explain why whyte males who wish others to view them or wish to view
themselves as strong and powerful, puff and suck on huge black cigars. It’s an
attempt to draw attention of others to themselves with their long black cigars
( their symbolic phallus). Also the more important the whyte male perceives himself,
the longer is his black limousine. Both the car and the cigar can be viewed as phallic
symbols. It is again little wonder that whyte men build missiles shaped in the form of
phalluses paint them white and use them to annihilate people of color around the globe.

6. Guns as Symbols

Despite the past and present potential carnage from handguns, there is tremendous
resistance among Euro-Americans to have guns as well as other instrument of life
destruction brought under control. For the gun as a weapon in whyte domination
system/culture, in form and function is symbolic. The handle and chamber are
analogous to the testicles; the barrel of the gun is analogous to the penis. The
firing gun in function achievies for whyte the destruction of Black lives in the
same way the black penis can destroy whyte genetic survival. The gun is seen as
“the great equaliser” and hence the reason whyte men refer to one another as “son
of a gun.” This phrase deprecates the whyte male genital apparatus that “fathers”
whyte people with their genetically deficient state of albinism. It says instead
that the whyte male prefers the gun to be his phallus and the phallus of his father.
The gun then becomes the desired all-powerful phallus of the whyte male, which he
conceives of as being an equaliser to the phallus of a Black and other non-whyte
males. The gun makes up for a sense of profound and deep inadequacy hidden by a
thorough and ruthless exterior. Cockfighting was also a very popular pastime for
whyte males. Hence, it is not surprising that the whyte male also refers to his
penis as a “cock,” or that when a gun is fired it is first “cocked.” The penis is
also refer to as a dick. The dick was a detective with a gun, hence, Dick Tracy.
Dick became a popular boy’s name, which instilled in the whyte child’s psychic
that his identity was synonymous with penis(gun).

7. Black Fear

Black people throughout the world, live under the power of the whyte supremacy
system of total oppression and domination, implying the absence of any true power.
This is the major and only problem facing Black and all other people of color
throughout the world. Since the assassination of courageous Black men, black people
have been afraid to confront the murderous reality of whyte domination. Now the
discourse coming from the black collective is consistent with submission to and/or
cooperation with the racist oppressive dynamic, albeit with an historical and
continuing chorus of complaints. Submission to and cooperation with the system is
consistent with the illusion that there can be complete integration of non-whytes
into the whyte supremacy system. The fear of death at the hands of whyte supremacy
collective has been repressed. This fear has now crystallise itself into black
suicide, black-on-black homicide, child and spousal abuse. Means of escape from
blackness result into interracial dating/marriage and religious conversion. However,
a prerequisite to overcoming the fear is the growth of self and group respect.

7 things you would have learned if you read
‘The Isis Papers’ by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing







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